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Castlot Game Description

Play Castlot online and choose between the Bright and Dark Faction, the game is set during the 60th century while Britain fights against Saxon invaders. It’s in a way Good vs Evil as the Bright Faction is led by King Arthur and the Dark Faction led by Lord Blackmore. Castlot was developed and published by Clap Along/Kabam, and it’s a browser based MMORTS, with turn-based and real time combats.

As a good MMORTS Castlot offers you wide possibilities in the battle, as you can frame and scheme against other players in real time combats. You can battle against a numerous army, but if the other player don’t have a solid strategy like yours, you are going to win. You can also send spies, set up traps and steal their resources to use on your village.

Castlot was very focused on the battle system, you can battle against NPCs, players or in leagues. As they have said in an interview “We are dedicated to bringing our players the best gaming experience, so we introduced both the conventional turn-based and the real-time combat mode to Castlot at the same time… Players can attack, raid, siege or even loot other players at any time.” After that statement, you can only presume that the game is highly competitive, and you are right, showing sympathy in Castlot will get you attacked and looted, so if you decide to play Castlot, you’re in for war, not to build a pretty village and farm.

Play Castlot Game Free!

In addition to the real time battle system, it also has a peculiar interaction system, named Framing and Scheme system, what it does is that it allows you to play tricks, sabotage and steal other players and their resources. For instance, you can place a Goblin in another player’s Annexed Land and it will allow you to steal his resources. This come extremely handy when you don’t have enough resources to build or upgrade a building, you can just sneak and ‘borrow’ from other players, that is quite common in Castlot.

That can work both ways, as they can also try to loot your resources, so when you see another player attempting to place a globin in your Annexed Land, be sure to counter his scheme by setting up a Trap in advance, so they get burned, not you!

These and many other features you can find and experience in first hand by playing Castlot online, get started now and build your empire while having lots of fun in the middle. Click on the button below to get a free account to play!


Castlot mmospacio

Summary: Castlot is fun to play because it has all features that are made for tricksters, like sabotaging opponents. Play now and see how a MMORTS can be fun to play!



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