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Generals of War


Generals of War Game Description

Take part of one of the biggest conflicts in human history and command your own army through intense battles, using your tactical abilities and strategy. Are you going to be remembered as a great general, or forgotten in the history books? It all depends on how you lead your army; will you lead them with passion or with fear?

Without any doubt, the First World War was one of the most extraordinary and devastating conflicts in humankind history, but unlike World War II, the Nations who won had to make use of cunning strategies to win, since there were not many technology advancements back then. That’s why it’s the perfect theme for a strategy MMORTS, play Generals of War and experience the war in its purest form, with infantry and strategy.

Generals of War is a free to play MMORTS (Real Time Strategy), developed by Playzo, it puts you in the middle of World War I, where you can write your own history and be reminded for eternity. It is a browser-based game, meaning that you can play without having to download game clients, and all you need to get started in Generals of War is a free account, you can get your free account clicking on the link below:

Play Generals of War Game Free!

Once you begin to play Generals of War online you’re going to see what the game is all about, power. You’ll need to manage your resources wisely and be ready in case a player decides to attack you to steal your resources or conquer your base. There are different types of buildings you can construct in your military base, and they all play an important part in your army’s strength. All of them are necessary to have, to unlock a certain infantry unit or heavy armor, gather resource or research new technology.

Play Generals of War online and have strategic action in your browser, join thousands of active players and make alliances, exchange knowledge, and more! Find out if you are a good strategist, click on the button below and play it now!


Generals of War mmospacio

Summary: Generals of War is based on World War I, and its graphics are detailed and will take you back to the date of the conflict. Lead your troops and conquer the world with Generals of War!


World War I

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