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Imperia Online


Imperia Online Game Description

If you’re the kind of online gamer who loves immersing yourself in the brutal turmoil of battle, then it really comes in no better shape or form than Imperia Online.

Although initially, Imperia Online looks overwhelmingly complex for anyone who has never played another PVP war game before, its almost photo-realistic but still cartoonish graphics will soon set your mind at ease. Beginning with a tutorial, huge arrows appear within only a few seconds, and it’s quite obvious which items you need to click on to get started. The clean pop-up menus are intuitive and display quickly, and this opening tutorial means that there is no steep learning curve for a novice player. Experienced players will undoubtedly want to complete tasks outside of the tutorial, and they can. When they do so, they will also notice that most buildings are constructed instantly and will not be put off by long waiting times or any annoying nag screens encouraging them to buy things.

Unlike other popular games in the MMRTS genre, there isn’t a multitude of distracting icons which flash and spin, and the sensory overload is a lot less intimidating. For anyone familiar with games such as Settlers, Imperia Online has the same calmness about it. Even though the playing environment is very easy on the eyes, Imperia Online still has a lot of secrets to discover if you start playing it without at least scanning the instructions, and once you get into it, you’ll find that Imperia Online is one of the best online real-time strategy and fantasy war games available.

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As with similar games, Imperia Online will have you using up considerable amounts of resources very quickly, whether they be virtual or physical. You’ll need to build several resource generating buildings including the usual farms for food, logging camps for lumber, stone quarries, mines for iron and gems (which can also be purchased using real life currency), and taxing a population which needs to be kept happy. It almost goes without saying that you will need to generate as much of everything you can lay your hands on and allocate your population carefully to be able to upgrade your kingdom and beat your often quite formidably armed opponents during the PVP battles.

Other buildings necessary for success include a fortress and barracks where you can produce and house military units, and players will need to research various technologies before they can be used. This is where there is often some delay caused by timers, but Imperia Online is still faster than most MMRTS games. After spying on other players on the World Map, military units can be mobilized for attack. Once again there is some delay between producing and being able to send a trained unit into battle.

While waiting for battles to complete, players can chat with other players if they wish to, and various weapons can be produced according to the player’s skill level and resources available. While very slick and never boring, Imperia Online is still a game which could take years rather than weeks or months to be ultimately successful in.

Constructing buildings and increasing military forces is great fun unless the unfortunate happens and an even stronger player destroys all your hard work, but if you have enough resources or real money available, you can repair damaged buildings and resuscitate fallen troops with a few clicks.
It has to be said that Imperia Online is an amazingly brilliant MMRTS and is yet another instantly addictive game. The strategy elements, menu system, and graphics are state-of-the-art, and players of all ages should find it throughly absorbing. It is even somewhat educational in how it develops the skills necessary to be a victor in the art of war. Imperia Online is simply another great piece of programming with huge entertainment value.


Imperia Online mmospacio

Summary: It is even somewhat educational in how it develops the skills necessary to be a victor in the art of war. Imperia Online is simply another great piece of programming with huge entertainment value.


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