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Knight’s Fable


Knight’s Fable Game Description

Slay monsters and gain experience in the fantasy world of Knight’s Fable, level up your hero as the challenges you’re about to face are only going to get more difficult. Make parties with other players and go on quests together, this way you watch each other’s back and become more powerful, being able to defeat even the toughest boss and being rewarded with epic loot.

Knight’s Fable is a browser-based fantasy MMORPG that features strong pet and hero systems. You get to pick one of four basic classes (Fighter, Knight, Magi or Spiritus), capture, tame and train combat pets that will come handy in PvP and PvE battles. You can also recruit heroes to follow you on your adventure, and even equip them with gears to make them more powerful and help you even more. Other features of Knight’s Fable are the transformation systems, guilds, PvP arenas, and more.

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You are the hero in the fantasy world of Knight’s Fable, this magical land is going to need all the help it can get from you, as only a true hero can make things get back to normal. The universe of Knight’s Fable is in danger since evil forces have taken over and are terrifying its inhabitants. Get your mighty weapon and get on the road to slay any evil force that crosses your path, demons, ogres, witches, and other vicious creatures.

Graphic wise, Knight’s Fable is similar to other browser games of the genre, in 2.5D. However, they have at least made the artwork different from other games. The map of the game is vast and locked by levels, this way the game is more equilibrated and there are no high-level vs low level encounters in the PvP arena. This way you won’t encounter overpowered bosses and creatures that you wouldn’t be able to defeat, although some are still very tough and will demand strategy from your side. Play Knight’s Fable online now and find out in first hand everything this fantasy MMORPG have to offer, click on the button below and follow your destiny as a Hero!


Knight’s Fable mmospacio

Summary: To help you in your quest against evil, you will be able to recruit a powerful legion of heroes that will help you through the game, play Knight’s Fable now and get started!


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