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One Piece Online


One Piece Online Game Description

The wildly popular pirate adventure shonen manga by Eiichiro Oda comes alive in the MMORPG One Piece Online. This browser-based game by JoyGames is an interesting mix of ARPG tower-defense gaming and traditional MMORPG questing and PVP combat.

The first thing with noting when logging in to play is that the well-rendered 2D graphics are true to the One Piece universe. Once you begin, you are given a choice of three characters.

Your choices are:
– Sniper: Male character with a long range ability.
– Swordsman: Female character with a melee ability.
– Devil Fruit User: Childlike female character with a ranged caster ability.

First Impressions:
Once the character is chosen, the game launches into an introductory tutorial so the player can learn how to use abilities while playing. If familiar with the anime version of the game, new players will notice immediately that the game retains an authentic storyline and ambiance. While the in-game storyline is more of a mash-up of the original manga and anime plot than a linear beginning-to-end parallel, the close resemblance adds to the feeling of seamless lore legitimacy. In fact, the game seems to assume that the player has some knowledge of the story, as there are mentions of characters in context by NPCs which may be more difficult to fully understand by someone lacking prior knowledge of the lore. However, lack of experience with the plot or character details will not impact overall gameplay, it will only make some plot-based NPC comments less intuitive for a brand new player.

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Fun Gameplay Experience:
The game has some cool features that aren’t always available in most browser-based gameplay. As it is not a turn-based combat system, players have the ability to run from attacks or dodge. It has auto-play features that allow you to grind while checking your mail or taking a break. As you level up, you can unlock features, such as the Tavern, that allow you to recruit “Partners”. “Partners” are NPC companion characters with special abilities that will fight with you in combat. As you would expect from a MMORPG, players can also acquire in-game currency and the game includes both single player and pvp modes.

Anyone who would be attracted to an entertaining MMORPG or ARPG based on a great manga or anime should check this game out. The fantastic art, the variety of gameplay, and the attractive character choices total to an unforgettable and interactive One Piece experience.


One Piece Online mmospacio

Summary: The game has some cool features that aren't always available in most browser-based gameplay.


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