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Andromeda 5


Andromeda 5 Game Description

Do you like sci-fi games in which you can pilot your own spaceship across the galaxies? Then play Andromeda 5 game and discover a universe never seen before, engage into thrilling fights against other spaceships, complete hundreds of quests and more! Andromeda 5 is a browser based MMO created by XS Software with stunning 3D graphics, great storyline and easy yet challenging gameplay.

When you play Andromeda 5 game you have the option to play it in your browser or download the game client. It is one of the few games that offer this option, if you choose to play Andromeda 5 game in your browser, the loading might take a little longer because of the sharp graphics. So if you like speed, download the game client and install it, so you don’t have to wait.

Andromeda 5 game counts with more than 20 different galaxies, the universe of Andromeda 5 is huge and full of surprises, and you can join your friends and explore the galaxies together, or if you want, fly solo. But be ready, in these galaxies you’re going to find space pirates, droids, battlecruisers, assassins and more!

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As any good MMO, in Andromeda 5 you’ll also level up not only as a pilot, by training your pilot in over 30 skills and talents, but your spaceship as well. There are 15 spaceships that you can pick from, and once you have acquired enough gold, you can upgrade your spaceship with new lasers, bombs, strong shields and create the ultimate space machine. This can be handy, since in PvP and PvE combats you might find different levels of spaceships, and improving your attack and defense is a sure way to increase your success in missions and combats.

Do you like space missions? Andromeda 5 game contains more than 200 missions, from easy to very difficult, adding more diversity for those players who just want to do their own thing. Each mission will give you special rewards, the more difficult the mission, higher the rewards. That’s the reason why it’s very encouraged for you to make friends in-game and go in missions together, so you not only have higher chances of success, but also gain more rewards. With the active and friendly community of Andromeda 5 game, it will be easy to find a space buddy!

If you are interested to play Andromeda 5 game, go ahead and click on the buttons available around this overview. There are so much things to the game that you’ll have to play it yourself in order to see them all. But being a fan of spaceships, galaxies, and sci-fi is already a good indicator that you’ll love to play Andromeda 5 online!


Andromeda 5 mmospacio

Summary: Andromeda 5 is a 3D sci-fi game created by XS Software, it contains more than 200 missions, 15 spaceships to pick from, and plenty of abilities that your pilot can learn in order to become even more powerful! Play now!

"20 Galaxies"

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