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Drakensang Game Description

Drakensang Online is an epic MMORPG game created by Radon Labs and published by BigPoint, with stunning 3D graphics, beautiful effects, it took the free-to-play browser games to a whole new level, with over 18 million players around the world.

It puts the players into the land of Anderworld in a war against evil, an amazing landscape full of vicious monsters, but it’s nothing compared to the majestic dragons.

It has a captivating storyline, Drakensang was created based on the PC game of the same name, The Dark Eye: Drakensang. The Prince is missing and war has broken, with fear and darkness everywhere, an epic cult re-emerged, as a fearless Dragonknight fighter, a wise and magical Spellweaver, or a brave and quick Ranger. Only you, together with your teammates are capable of slaying dragons and defeating the monsters of Anderworld.

Speaking of the world of Anderwold, there are nine main regions for players to explore, Wiltwuxshire, Kingshill, Grimmagstone, Slifmoor, Teganswall, Shorfolk, Torstrond, Norselands and Loxley Caverns. All these places hold secrets to be found, challenging quests to be completed, fearsome monsters and dragons for you to battle against and kill.

As written earlier, there are 3 classes available in the game for the players to choose, these are Spellweaver (mages that tap into their own spirituality and elements to destroy their enemies, they’re also very wise to master a lot of difficult spells), Dragonknight (armed with heavy artillery, they’re ready for war, they have great strength and drink the blood of magical dragons in order to gain advantage in the battleground.), and Ranger (outstanding at attacks from mid-long range, choose your targets from far, immobilize them with arrows and then finish them with the blade bow.). They are all created equal but have unique features compared to one another, it’s up to you to find out which class is more compatible with your playing style.

Play Drakensang Online Free!

You’ll also be able to have pets, like Fairies, Phoenix and Dragonspawn! In addition, players will have a variety of skills to learn, a huge armory of weapons and magic, and more than 100 hours worth of gaming experience. More classes will be added with the next updates.

If you want to make it in Drakensang Online, you’ll need to get to know other players, you can find all kinds in public gathering zones, like cities, military camps, once you’ve made a few friends, you can go on a quest together and have higher chances of winning and making new in-game friends. But if you don’t like playing with a guild, you can also challenge players in PvP battles, located in the capital of Kingshill, and find out who is the biggest hero in Drakensang Online.

Find out how good of a warrior you are, play Drakensang online free now and learn your ways around giant dragons, fierce monsters, and strong heroes! It’s free!


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Summary: An epic online adventure MMORPG with no downloading required. Go on medieval game quests to battle against evil with terrifying 3D graphic dragon.

"Medieval MMORPG D&D"

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