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The Settlers Online


The Settlers Online Game Description

Build your own empire with The Settlers Online, created by Ubisoft, The Settlers Online (also known as Castle Empire) is the free-to-play version of the original MMORPG “The Settlers”, also made by Ubisoft but paid. This version combines all the important features of the The Settlers games. It has superb graphics (the animations are very smooth), and excellent gameplay.

Play The Settlers Online game to build your own city from the ground up, give priority to buildings that produces some material that are used to expand your village, exploration and army. Materials like wood, stone and food are paramount for the development of your village. You’re also going to need crystals, these can be acquired during quests, or you can buy them with real money (yes, it is free to play, but they have to pay the servers eh).

To make your citizens happy, you must build different kind of buildings, so variety is a great thing to keep in mind, it will not only make your citizens happy, but also make your city more awesome. You can expand your empire by attacking other players with your army, and seizing their land as your own, and you’ll also get their resources that are stored in that particular area.

The same way that you can attack others, they can also attack your village, so form alliances with your friends, this way you’ll have a better chance of avoiding getting attack, and expand your lands by conquering more and more territories, on The Settlers Online, you’re going to need a lot of land, more land, means more resources and space to build your empire.

Play The Settlers Online Game Free!

Your friends will not only help you against enemies, there are a lot of other things that you’ll be able to do with them, trading, visit them, send and receive gifts, you’ll have much more fun going in adventuring quests with your friends! But the game can be played online by yourself, it’s not like you need friends like you would if you played on Facebook.

There is a chatbox available, so if you don’t have cool friends who would play the game, then you can make new ones! You can trade resources, ask for advice, alliances, tips, pretty much anything, just don’t be rude, The Settlers Online community is REALLY friendly, be friendly you too, you have nothing to lose and it’s important to make friends!

Play The Settlers Online game for free! No download or install required, it takes less than 3 minutes to get your account set up and start building your virtual empire!


The Settlers Online mmospacio

Summary: Build your city from the first brick up and lead it to glorious prosperity! Join thousands of gamers already online to create or join guilds, trade numerous resources and acquire and exchange bonuses to help each other out along the way!

"Build Your Own Kingdom!"

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