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Tibia Game Description

Tibia is a one of the oldest MMORPG ever created, it was published by CipSoft in 1997, and was a huge success amongst players all over the world. Tibia is a 2D medieval browser game in which you create your avatar to live in the Tibian world. When you play Tibia online, you get to choose from plenty of servers, with more than 500.000 active players in the game from all around the world.

The graphics of Tibia might not be its best feature, but the game has received so many updates that it’s almost limitless at this point, and the game continues to be updated even after all these years. So the frequency of updates makes up for its medieval 2D graphics, if you like content better than appearance, you shouldn’t mind about the graphics.

You can play Tibia online either using your browser or downloading a client on their website. If you have fast speed internet, you can play Tibia online in your browser, but nothing beats downloading the game, which will make your game experience better. Either way Tibia is free to play, with the option to buy a subscription, which adds features like lower loss of XP when you die, access to other areas, and capacity to have your own house in-game.

Play Tibia Online Free!

Tibia features great gameplay and counts with several hundred quests, events, raids, tournaments and more; once you play Tibia online for a while you’ll notice that the world is quite vast. You can choose between 4 character vocations, Sorcerer, Knight, Paladin and Druid. Once you reach level 8 in the game you go to the Island of Destiny where you can choose your vocation.

Each character vocation has its pros and cons, like any other game. The Paladins are specialized in attacking from distance, Knights are melee, and Sorcerer uses magic to attack and finally, Druids uses magic to heal. If you play Tibia online with friends or a party, you must find out what would be the best role you could play, or just go with your wish and choose the class that is more similar to your player style.

There are plenty of other features that are worth it mentioning like customizable outfit, character skills, dozens of spells, hundreds of special items, guilds and more! In order to take advantage of everything that Tibia has to offer, you’ll have to play Tibia online and see for yourself. Even with slow speed internet you can enjoy the full experience in the Tibia World. Play now for free!


Tibia mmospacio

Summary: Tibia is a fun game, the graphics are not top-notch, but they are descent and since plenty of people love playing minecraft, Tibia graphics are not that bad. With all the features and things to do in the Tibia world, you can find something you will like! Play Tibia free now!

"Epic Adventure!"

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