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Woozworld Game Description

What in the world is Woozworld? Woozworld is a free-to-play MMORPG created for kids and teens ages 8 until 14. You’ll have the chance to create your Avatar, called Woozen, and play Woozworld online together with a community of millions of players. It’s more of a Virtual World than a game, you can make your avatar look like you, explore the places, “unitz” and make new friends.

You can also create and decorate your own “unitz”, in-game word for room. Pick furniture, wallpapers, tables, beds, chairs, change floors colors and more! You are only limited by your own imagination in Woozworld. More than 600.000 unitz were created, and more are being created as you read this!

The chatbox available is filtered and bad words are replaced by “#”, making it a safe environment for kids and teenagers, also it’s not possible to post any kind of data like address, phone number, email, etc. If you make a friend in the game, it will be an in-game friend.

Play Woozworld Online Free!

To keep things interesting in Woozworld, daily rewards are offered to active players, as well as other prizes, mini-games, you can have as much pets as you want, but only one is allowed to follow you around the world.

Woozworld will give you all the tools you need to design and tailor your Woozen, with plenty of accessories, clothes, hair styles, and more. You’ll also be able to vote for the best Woozen and Unitz, watch videos that are unique to each region you visit. Challenge other players to Spellz combats, and complete several assignments. Some games, and assignments will give you Wooz and Beex, which are virtual currencies of the game, and will allow you to buy different items, from clothes to Unitz items.

Play Woozworld online free and create your own world, meet new friends, personalize your avatar, and more! Woozworld is a lot of fun! Get started!


Woozworld mmospacio

Summary: Woozworld, an amazing virtual world and social network for tweens where creativity is the only limit! Play games, create your own world, make new friends and create your own space!

"Great to make new friends!"

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