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ZooMumba Game Description

Play ZooMumba online and create your own Zoo, this exquisite Zoo simulator by BigPoint is played by a large amount of players since it is so easy to get started, as it doesn’t require downloads and is free to play. You’ll be able to decorate, customize and manage your dream Zoo, choose which animals there will be in your Zoo, put a couple (male and female) in exposition and they can have animal babies, and soon your Zoo will be the best attraction in town, with little penguins, zebras, lions and more!

The fun part of ZooMumba is that it is logic, each animal will require a certain environment to be their home, you can’t have penguins in a dry environment right? This adds dynamic in the game and makes it more visually appealing, the graphics of ZooMumba are powered by flash and are detailed and colorful.

Play ZooMumba Game Free!

Each animal has a happiness bar, which is a helpful tool to let you know how are the mood of your zoo pets. The happier they are, the highest will be your Zoo score, and more likely they will reproduce. Some things are available for you to take care of them, like food, shower, toys are a few examples.

In the shop is where you will find all the buildings, environments, animals, decorations, and other items to create your Zoo. As similar games, you unlock new buildings and items as you progress in the game, this is good since the items tend to get expensive as you increase your level, because you also make more money.

Build your fun zoo now, play ZooMumba online and discover all the features of this Zoo simulator. Everything is possible in the game and you can decorate it was you want, you can even create thematic regions in the zoo, like Africa, Antarctica, Amazon and more! Are you a good zookeeper? Play now and find out!


ZooMumba mmospacio

Summary: If you are a fan of simulation MMORPGs and have never played a zoo themed one, ZooMumba is a great choice!

Zoo Simulator

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