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AVA Game Description

A.V.A is an abbreviation for Alliance of Valiant Arms, which is a free to play tactical MMOFPS by Aeria Games. This game is powered by Unreal Engine 3, making the graphics one of the best out there for free-to-play games, the client download is around 1.6Gb which is not much for a FPS of this caliber. Some features worth mentioning for when you play AVA Online are the following, fast-paced FPS action, numerous game modes, wide variety of weapons and customization, realistic graphics and landscapes, dozens of maps, and more!

Let’s begin with the most remarkable feature of this game, its breathtaking graphic quality. As mentioned earlier in this overview, A.V.A uses Unreal Engine 3 to render its graphics, and it’s incredible how detailed, realistic and smooth the game looks, of course that comes with a cost, in order to enjoy the eye-watering graphics, you’ll need to have a powerful computer, not as strict as in other titles, the system requirements are more humble on A.V.A, if your PC has a dual-core processor and a video card that is not 4 years old, you’re golden.

What makes the gamers more thrilled about Alliance of Valiant Arms is how well you can customize everything, from your soldier to weaponry. You can personalize your weapons to make it suit your gameplay style, from the barrel to the trigger, you’ll be able to change it all to make it unique, exclusive and powerful, blasting your opponents with style have never been so easy.

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Alliance of Valiant Arms is based on a fictitious modern conflict between Europe Union (EU) and the Neo Russian Federation (NRF). And the conflicts take place in diverse maps and game modes, the maps are of places in European continent and to make it faithful it was based on real pictures, they vary from urban to jungle landscapes, forcing players to fit their strategies to the field of combat.

With the several game modes of A.V.A you’ll certainly find one that is going to become your favorite, for instance, in the “gun-slinging” Annihilation mode every player is an enemy and you need to be quick on the trigger or you’ll lose. If you are a more tactical player, try the Escort mode, where you get to escort a tank into an enemy base and keep it from being destroyed. There are more game modes, but I won’t spoil the surprise!

Go ahead and play AVA online, the download is small compared to what you will be getting, a MMOFPS full of action, realistic graphics, high customization of weapons and your soldier, and much more!


A.V.A mmospacio

Summary: What matters most in FPS games are the realism in graphics and gameplay, these are great in A.V.A. Play it now and have fun on a free to play MMOFPS!


Awesome Graphics

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