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Flight Simulator


Flight Simulator Game Description

Have you ever wished to become a pilot? Play Flight Simulator free now and experience how it is like to fly all kinds of airplanes and helicopters in realistic graphics powered by Google Maps. This game was created for enthusiasts of airplanes, to be used in pilot training courses, and for mere mortals who have dreamed about piloting a huge 747 across the skies, visiting different countries and airports.

This Flight Simulator is built on a framework that is open source, meaning that there are a community of developers who add new features, fix bugs/glitches, and make the game as realistic as possible. Flight Simulator game is often updated with new commercial planes and their decals, allowing you to flight the airplanes of your favorite airline without having to go to years of piloting schools, just download and fly your favorite airplane without consequences.

One of the things that matters the most in simulation games is the realism, and in Flight Simulator these were addressed greatly. Powered by Google Maps, the game counts with more than 20.000 airports from all over the world, and with perfect detailing like correct runway markings and lighting, taxiways, accurate terrain worldwide, scenery includes cities, rivers, mountains, railroads and more!

Play Flight Simulator Game Free!

Controlling the aircraft might not be an easy task at first, since it is a flight simulation game after all. Who said flying a metal machine was easy? Learn the ropes and you won’t be disappointed with the vast possibilities of places you can fly to with your airplane. You can start with small airplanes like bi-engine, helicopters, and once you understand what makes airplanes flight (and land safely), you can begin taking off in larger airplanes.

Play Flight Simulator Free online now and become a pilot without leaving the comfort of your home. Unlike other flight simulation games, this one doesn’t require you have a NASA super computer in order to run, and the download is not that big either. So, what are you waiting for to travel the world?


Flight Simulator mmospacio

Summary: If you have ever wished to fly an airplane, you can risk that off your bucket list, play Flight Simulator Free and find out how is it like to fly a plane!


Become a Pilot

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