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Operation 7


Operation 7 Game Description

Operation 7 is a free to play First Person Shooter (FPS) game by ParkESM, it has a decent amount of active players making it easy to find a server with up to 24 players in combat. There are 5 game modes in 17 different maps to keep things interesting and not repetitive, all maps are optimized to provide a fast-paced combat experience. In order to play Operation 7 it is necessary to download a game client of around 570Mb, not a big download if compared to other FPS games.

The MMO aspect of the game might seem a bit annoying at first, since you’re going to start with basic weapons, and you can’t pick up guns from dead players. But once you get experienced with the game and start leveling up, you’ll get better weapons and be able to choose the best weapon for the map. Regardless of this upsetting point of the game, when you play Operation 7 you’ll notice it doesn’t bother casual players, except the ones who are very familiar with FPS games and like big titles like Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Graphics of Operation 7 are not top-notch and somewhat dated, but that doesn’t make it a bad game, plenty of players still play Country Strike 1.5 and love it! The upside of having such humble graphics is that it can be run in most computer, without the necessity of a powerful video-card, in fact, even laptops with on-board VGA can run Operation 7 without a having a hard time with lags, stuttering and other hardware related issues.

Play Operation 7 Game Free!

You can play Operation 7 in 5 game modes which are Demolition, Death Match, Head Hunting, Survival and Hold the Line. Depending on which game mode you choose to play, it might be possible to up to 24 players battle in the same arena, as some game modes only allow a certain amount of players. In the case of Hold the Line, there are other options to who creates the “combat room”, by choosing friendly-fire on/off, number of kills to victory, game time, etc.

Play Operation 7 online now and see in first hand all the features of the game, the download size is remarkably small, so in case you don’t like what you see, you can just uninstall the game. One feature that wasn’t mentioned before and is worth it, is the ability to create and customize your own weapons, making it unique against other player’s weapons. So go ahead, download and play Operation 7 now!


Operation 7 mmospacio

Summary: Operation 7 was built to allow a major o people play the game, by keeping it simple, Operation 7 is a fair FPS for the casual gamer, with MMO features it adds an extra to an already proven game style.


Light-weighted FPS

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